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Raise Your Glass to “Drink Come True” the New Single from Bryan Frazier

I have been ranting lately about the direction country music is headed. I did plenty of soul searching, thinking about my age, life in agriculture, and what country music should stand for, trying to justify where the genre is today. But, no matter what angle I looked at things, the prognosis is not looking good. Right now, you probably think I should fold my cards and get out of the game, but don’t count me out yet. There are few wildcards out there that give me hope. Bryan Frazier is one of those, and today it’s all about his new single “Drink Come True”.

Let’s just say I’m old enough to remember when people called 90’s country simply country. That said, the new artists coming up in the genre talk about that decade often. Yet, most times, they fall short in recreating the nostalgia of that era in their music. This is because 90’s country was influenced by rock and not by pop. It also celebrated the working class. Bryan Frazier is one artist who has successfully captured that decade, but in a way that’s less imitation, and more continuation. “Drink Come True” is an excellent example of this.

“Drink Come True” is one of those heartache in bottle songs that is pure country gold. Why? Because it’s about real people. I’ll be the first to say that guys don’t always make the best decisions. That is why I partly believe God put women in our lives. Someone has to keep us in line. Remove those guardrails, and a man with a drink in his hand can make some poor choices. Add heartbreak to the mix, and everything goes to hell. This is what “Drink Comes True” is all about. Any good country artist worth their weight in belt buckles can take a sad topic and turn it into a party song. Bryan Frazier delivers.

"Drink Come True"

“Drink Come True” and all of Bryan’s music is worthy of your playlist. All the links you need are down below. Want to learn more about Bryan Frazier? Check out our full interview with him on Feed the Band. While you are there, check out the meatloaf recipe he inspired. It’s one of my family’s favorites! I’m sure your family is going to love it just as much.

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