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"Break a Heart" Molly Lovette Post Cover

Molly Lovette

2021 Artist of the Year

Learn more about our family member Molly Lovette.ย  She rocked 2021!

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My Letter To Country Music

Patrick L.

Chef and Founder of Southern Fellow

The Southern Fellow concept was seeded at a very young age. Growing up on a ranch in Florida I developed a true respect for food.  It was only elevated by learning to cook for our large extended family.  Here I am now years later and that seed at turned into a tree with many branches. With each branch being as different as the next, I bring you Southern Fellow. A collection of recipes, music and ideas to feed your soul. Together we can grow in understanding on how food and music enhances the human experience. Please share our recipes and featured music with your family and friends.  Join the family and celebrate music, food, and the good life. 

Thank you for joining the Southern Fellow family!