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Laine Lonero Mesmerizes with the Release of “Back to Me” Music Video

"Back to Me" Official Music Video from Laine Lonero

Can meeting someone face to face make a difference in how you perceive them in a digital world? This is a question I asked myself  in March when I left for Nashville. I was there for a showcase that I hosted this past Saturday, but I took time to do a few interviews. One was with country artist Laine Lonero to talk about her new single and upcoming music video “Back to Me”. Laine Is not new to Southern Fellow, and she performed at our last showcase, but this was the first time we had time to sit and talk. Because of this, I didn’t have to take myself out of the equation to figure out who this song was for. Laine’ and my conversation and the new single and video brought us closer musically and as individuals.

There are several years between Laine and Myself. Although well done, I admit her past releases had me feeling like we were miles apart. “Back to Me” closed the gap to a park bench on Belmont University’s campus. When Laine is nervous, she talks a mile a minute. So before we sat, she gave me a tour of her school and about the songwriting program there. Then we landed on a bench in the center of campus. Laine Lonero opened up about her future and, more importantly for this review, her past.

Laine Lonero is bright, kind, and beautiful. On the surface, it’s easy to fall in love with her. However, even she is not immune to heartache, no one is. It’s really what you do with it that defines you. Like many songwriters, Laine can package her emotions into a song. Female artists her age tend to go angry or sad. However, with “Back to Me,” Laine goes right down the center. Why is this important? It means Laine has matured personally and with her music. Breakups are filled with a multitude of emotions. To a child, it looks like complete destruction. However, someone mature can rearrange the emotional blocks to grow personally and build healthier relationships in the future. Sitting on that park bench with Laine, I was not looking at a lost little girl but a woman who has found her way.

The new music video for “Back to Me” pushes this even further. After watching it for the first time It’s almost hard to believe I’m looking at the same person I met two years ago.  Laine has put some very raw emotions out in a very beautiful way.  From start to finish It’s hard to pull your eyes away. This video is simplicity at its best. I am honored to get to share it with you.

Being part of Laine’s transition triggered a plethora of emotions. We always talk about family here at Southern Fellow, and to an outsider looking in, it might come across as a simple nicety, but it is the truth. We are a fabric woven together by some fantastic people. When someone moves, we all feel it. Laine Lonero is part of that fabric and has contributed to it ten-fold. I look at her like a little sister, which may make this review feel a little biased to someone who has yet been fully involved in what we do. However, it simply proves a point. Like fabric, lifting Laine raises the whole family. That is what we do here at Southern Fellow.

I highly recommend watching the video and adding “Back to Me” to your favorite playlist. Laine Lonero’s career is just starting, but I think she is one of the brightest stars in country music.  After watching “Back to me”,  you can learn more about Laine by reading her interview on our Feed the band series and trying the Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Dip recipe she inspired. There is a reason Laine has been a trending top five artist on our website for weeks. I have no doubt her latest will keep her there for many more weeks to come.

Thank you for checking out this video premiere. We have more artist interviews, recipes, and concerts on the way!

"Back to Me" Laine Lonero Video Post

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