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Can defining family be that hard? That question has rattled around in my head as an adopted person for a long time. In our big family, it was easy to see that I did not share the same DNA. Yet, we are incredibly close. So much more than many of my friend’s families. Fast forward to today, and I share that feeling with our next artist here on Feed the Band. Jordan Mohr and I may not share the same genetics, but everything else that bonds a family is present in the relationship we have developed over the past two years.

Jordan is pretty, young, and blonde. There are a lot of people who will stop there. You might give her a few likes on socials and exchange some niceties, but that will be the extent of your interaction. However, you will need to go beyond the surface to see what makes Jordan shine. I admit it even took me a little while to look past the obvious.

When I first met Jordan, I thought we would have very little in common. All I noticed was how different we were. Yet, as time marched on, we started spending more time together. It wasn’t long before I realized Jordan was not a little girl with a big smile and a bow in her hair. Instead, she was a woman who knew the goals she wanted to go after and was willing to put in the work to achieve them. Not only that, Jordan has had no trouble keeping me in line, and I admit that is not easy. She is an even mixture of grit and grace. That mixture has led to many accomplishments as an artist in a little over a year of performing.
In her first year, Jordan has released five singles, two music videos, and has even performed in Nashville in front of a packed house. I have to say, I’ve been doing this Southern Fellow thing for four years, and I can’t recall anyone who has done so much in such a short amount of time. Jordan’s determination to constantly improve is paying off.

Putting music aside, Jordan is just as extraordinary. She has surprised me in so many ways. If you had told me a year ago that we would be as close as we are today, I would have shrugged it off. However, today we are thick as thieves, even though I don’t share her current obsession with Korean food. We have shared countless laughs and even a few tears. Jordan has even helped hold up Southern Fellow when I could not. She is my voice when I have a seizure and shares her strength when the road to recovery is rough. Jordan gives much of herself, not just to me, but to many others.

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My hope for this interview is that you get to know Jordan Mohr the way I do. On or off the stage, she is one of the best people in music. Jordan even made me an overachiever. Her recipe for Feed the Band is a whole meal. I highly recommend you try the recipe she inspired. Our recipe for Floribbean Crab Cakes with Mango Salsa and a Peppery Arugula Salad celebrates Jordan as a foodie and the sunshine state we live in. Here is my interview with country music artist Jordan Mohr.


Tell us about your road to country music.                              

It’s sort of an unlikely story. Although I have always had the performance bug, my time on stage actually started in community theater at the age of six. Musical theater consumed my life, from a young age and all through high school. Through an introduction, during the height of the pandemic, I found myself singing on demos for a local songwriter. He later introduced me to Mike and Caroline Walker of DME Orlando. I fell in love with their studio and later on, with them as well. At the time, they had an artist development program that focused on the first level of becoming a performing artist. Everything screamed country music for me, I fell in love with the stories, and my values aligned with my favorite country artists. Although I’m a native Floridian, I spent five years in Portage, Wisconsin, a rural town with an elementary school with a total of 60 students. It was a total country life. My parents are both die-hard classic and southern rock fans, so I definitely have that influence as well, but I absolutely love live instrumentation. I find myself leaning in the country rock direction. 


What advice would you give to the Jordan Mohr of two years ago?

I would tell her to get ready. Your life is about to change in ways you could never imagine. Don’t worry so much about the people in high school. Just stay the course and enjoy every minute.


Who are some role models that have shaped you as a person?

 I am so fortunate to have such a supportive family. I definitely have characteristics from both of my parents. I also look up to my brother Alex. He was also a performer and I always wanted to be just like him.                           


What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned? 

Because I started playing guitar just over a year ago, I have to practice twice as hard to compensate for lost time. I have also had to learn to go easy on myself and have patience.


What are 3 things you can’t live without? 

Other than music, my family, (cat included) had lots of laughter, and amazing food.


We are constantly developing recipes here at Southern Fellow. When writing music, what recipe do you use? 

I am so new to writing music, I would think my recipe belongs in the slow cooker. I work closely with my co-writers, Mike and Caroline Walker, they are so patient with me. Fortunately, they have helped me identify that I’m a pretty good concept person. They inspire me to trust my ideas and think of words and phrases that might go with whatever the subject of the song is. Then we start playing around with the melody (bring on Mike) and the song evolves and comes to life from there. This is a very new process for me and I have a lot of room to grow. But I love a good challenge. 


What is the most annoying habit that other people have? 

While releasing music in high school, I had so many supporters, my friends, principal, and teachers were always so kind. But unfortunately, some people would say unkind things that would find their way back to me. Fortunately, I have thick skin, but I never understood why some find pleasure in attacking others instead of genuinely being happy for others’ successes.

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Jordan Mohr Feed the Band

What is your first fond memory of food?

As a young child, every year I would make holiday cookies with my brother and grandma. We would spend the entire day making a mess. To this day, I make her sugar cookie recipe that has been passed down for generations. 


If we interviewed your best friend from high school, what do you think they would say about you?

I met my best friend at the beginning of my freshman year. She has always been my biggest supporter, with almost any crazy idea I try. She would more than likely say that I always hit problems head-on, with grace. I never let anyone affect me in a way that would change my values. She would also say to make sure I eat, and to never let me become hangry.


If you wrote a song about food, what would it be about? 

It would be a song about my love of spicy and buttery seafood, or should I say obsession? There is nothing better than a beach day that ends with a sunset, and a seafood feast with friends. 


When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

I’ve always been known as the “mom” amongst my friends. Whenever they had relationship, friend, or family issues, they would turn to me for advice. They always knew I would never judge them, and would listen as long as they needed. I would always tell them to trust their gut and follow their intuition. Ultimately, I would encourage them to come to their own conclusions.


What would your day’s activities consist of outside of music if you could spend a day doing whatever you wanted? 

Oh, that’s easy…cooking, fishing, and being outside with friends.


What is your biggest goal in the next 2 years? 

That’s a tough one because I have big goals in so many areas. Musically, to be able to play and sing four sets, by myself and with my band. I have lofty goals for my social media following. Creatively, I want to immerse myself into the writing process. My overall goal is continued growth

Try this inspired recipe!

What is the craziest thing you have ever done in the name of love? 

I invited a boyfriend at the time, after only two months, to come along on our family vacation. He broke up with me a couple of days prior to leaving. Needless to say, I probably should have waited longer than two months. 


Your single “Haunted House” has a powerful storyline. Tell us about it.

“Haunted House” has such a special place in my heart. It was co-written with Mike and Caroline Walker, and ended up being the most unlikely song as my debut single. There are so many struggling with mental health in my generation. For some, it may seem obvious they are going through challenges but with the influence of social media, a lot of us try to paint a perfect picture of our lives. The boy in the story is popular and on the surface has everything going for him but his home life is not good. When he doesn’t come to school one day, everybody is shocked at the news. We purposely left the ending ambiguous, allowing the listener to figure out how they see the story ending.


Is there anything else you want your family at Southern Fellow to know?

Yes, I appreciate you so much, Patrick. From DME, to all of the incredibly talented artists that I have had the pleasure of learning and growing from, I am beyond grateful to be a part of the Southern Fellow Family.

That is Jordan Mohr! I hope you see what I see in this remarkable woman, and I can’t help but look at her as family. It has been fun being part of her musical journey. You can be part of it as well. You can follow Jordan on her socials and check out her music on your favorite streaming platform, including SpotifyApple MusicAmazon, and YouTube. While listening, give the recipe for Floribbean Crab Cakes that Jordan inspired a try. If you do, you might feel the sun on your back and sand between your toes.

Thank you for checking out this interview on Feed the Band. We have more musicrecipes, and concerts on the way!

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