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Carolyn Miller Releases the Fist Pumping Anthem “Flatline”

This is one of those reviews where I will correct the error of my ways and get personal. Initially, I had no intention of covering Carolyn Miller’s new single, “Flatline”. Not because it’s a bad song, but there are so many self-empowerment songs out right now. I get it! We all have had a tremendous amount of changes in our lives over the past year. Many of you have suffered loss in all different forms. For me, though, songs like this have never felt like they got me out of the plethora of ruts life has put me in. That changed when Carolyn publicist reached out to me a second time.

Some of you might think she slipped me some cash, but I have never taken money for a review. I like to keep my journalism as fair as possible. In that email, Kacey made me give “Flatline” a second and, more importantly, a proper listen. That was all it took for me to reflect on my life and how many times I could have easily flatlined. Carolyn’s new single went from a topic of platitude to a personal anthem.

We all struggle with something. For me, “professionals” have always been quick to tell me my limits. I was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. My birth mother consumed drugs and alcohol while pregnant with me. I have spots in my brain that never developed. They are easily seen with a CT and remain a problem to this very day. My adopted parents were told by “professionals” that graduating high school would never be possible for someone like me. At the beginning of my education, all signs pointed to that being true. Being so young, I couldn’t fight for myself properly. I did have my parents and a handful of teachers do just that. They pushed me way past what others thought was possible. It would have been easy for them to let me flatline. When I entered high school, the impossible started to look possible, and I began to fight. I graduated and was inducted into my high school’s hall of fame for leadership and citizenship.

Life felt limitless! A year after I graduated, I served as the Area 3 State Vice President for the Future Farmer of America. (FFA). College followed, and almost immediately, I came the closest I have ever come to flatlining permanently. My brain started failing me in ways I didn’t understand. I went bankrupt and became someone my family and friends didn’t recognize. I felt like all the things the “professionals” said were being realized. Little did I know that fetal alcohol syndrome was rearing it’s head. Depression took over, and I flatlined. At that point, I had to decide to give up and die or fight. I chose to fight. To do that, I needed to know what I was fighting. It turns out it was bipolar disorder. Now I had a new set of “professionals” setting limits for me. With medication and a lifestyle change, I was on the rebound.

Just as life started to get good again, I had my first seizure. Then I started having them twice a week. Everything immediately went on pause. I had to rethink my life once again. Because of the seizures, a regular job was out of the question. The “professionals” had grim expectations, but I was going to fight and hold tight to the progress I had made this time. Flatlining was not an option. So I built a website and created recipes to keep my brain working. Shortly after that, I met a band called Thunder and Rain and did an interview. A couple of months after that, Mrs. Carolyn Miller came into my life, and Southern Fellow went from a website to a family of foodies, music lovers, and artists.

With a bit of help, “Flatline” went from another pandemic song to an anthem for people who have to fight every day to stay above water. Everyone’s fight is different, and to me, it’s unrealistic to think you have been in everyone’s shoes. That said, we all struggle with something. I believe that if we reach out and ask people where they need help and assist where needed, we can make this world a better place. I think Carolyn Miller believes that as well.

If you are struggling, “Flatline” is a much-needed addition to your playlist. Carolyn Miller has created a fist-pumping anthem I can get behind. All the links you need are below. While you are listening, check out our full interview with this amazing woman. Also, don’t let those tastebuds flatline; try the recipe for Zesty Taco Shrimp Bites she inspired. They are a great way to start a party

"Flatline" Music Video


Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during these hard times. If you are feeling lost, alone or both please reach out to me personally on Instagram @southernfellow_. We can get through this together!

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