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“Asking for a Friend” the new playful single from Haley Mae Campbell

Haley Mae Campbell is an artist that surprises me with every song she releases. Haley not only does big sound, but she does it well. Her energy pushes you to move and then dive right in to the music. Her music is so full that once you take that dive, it feels like you are swimming in music greatness. As a guy, my life may not reflect every lyric, but I can’t get over how Haley’s music moves me.

Haley Mae Campbell’s latest single is everything I love about her music. “Asking for a Friend” is playful and is packed full of fun energy. I listen to whoever I am writing about, as I am writing. Sitting here at my favorite coffee shop with my earbuds in, I can’t help but tap my feet along to “Asking for a Friend”. As modest as I am, that means something. This track is youthful, but it will make you move at any age.

If you want to take a dive in fun music with a big sound, make room for “Asking for a Friend” on your playlist. Haley Mae Campbell is an artist to watch for. We worked hard and made it easy for you. Down below we included links to your favorite music service to get your digital hands on Haley’s music. Also below you can check out our full interview with Haley Mae Campbell. There you can learn more about this amazing artist and try a recipe she inspired. Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time

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