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“Songs from a Hardwood Floor” the new single from Natascha Myers

I recently gave songwriting a try and it is still a work in progress. I truly admire people who can put a story to melody. I have the privilege to interact with these creative people on a daily basis. There are some I come across that are such great storytellers their music becomes part of my story.

Two days ago I knew nothing of Natascha Myers. As for today, she will be forever on my radar. Let’s cover the basics. She is pretty and her voice is full with a warm scratchiness like an old record. It would be easy to stop there. If you did, you would really miss what makes Natascha Myers shine. Natascha knows how to share a story. It is one thing to write one, but to make people want to interact with it is a whole other level.

Her hooks and song titles are the first things to grab me. Tracks from her new EP like “Songs from a Hardwood Floor” and “Three Musketeers and the Yankees” fill you with more questions than answers. They make you eager to join the story and to see where it ends. Once you become part of the story Natascha Myers layers it like pages in a book.

“Songs from a Hardwood Floor” her latest EP is one page of many that will tell the story of Natascha Myers. I don’t know where her story will end, but the first chapter is worth checking out. Stream “Songs from a Hardwood Floor” the new EP from Natascha Myers using the links below.

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