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The New Single “Flowers” from Charly Reynolds Reminds Us In Relationships, It’s the Small Things That Make The Biggest Impact

When is it over? I think that’s a question we all have asked in a relationship. The heart, in many ways, is easy to keep tabs on. However, when it comes to the end of a relationship, it can be hard to find a pulse. The difference between being busy and avoiding can be so subtle that it’s impossible to tell one from the other, and the time it can take to figure it out makes the fallout so much more excruciating. “Flowers,” the new single from country music artist Charly Reynolds is a heartbreak with a silver lining.

Sometimes I’m hesitant to comment on relationships. At my age, society says I should be married with some young ones running around. Yet, many of my friends who went along with societal norms are now divorced and shuffling kids from home to home. How do two people go from holding hands to holding boxes as they walk out the door? It’s the lack of communication and not doing the small everyday acts of love.

My parents were friends in high school and married soon after they graduated. Three months into the rest of their lives, my dad was paralyzed from the neck down in a horse accident while working cows. A strong man was placed in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Not only that, but whispers started. People started to tell my mom that divorce was understandable in a situation like this. However, my parents didn’t give in. They moved forward with their life together.

Why did I share this when “Flowers” is about the end of a relationship? It’s because my dad decided out of love to humble himself more than most other men have the strength to do. If good communication is needed to keep two healthy people together, my parent’s relationship would require ten times as much. They didn’t have the perfect marriage, but their ability to talk out their problems kept them together. My dad couldn’t always produce big gestures of love, but he could order flowers, yellow roses to be more precise. Good communication and many small acts of love made two people whole in a difficult marriage. “Flowers” is a cautionary tale of what happens when couples don’t commit to these two things.

Charly Reynolds’ latest single is about a woman who hoped to have a relationship built on good soil, but realized her’s lays shriveled up on a barren field of disappointment. The pain may bring countless tears, but those tears gave her heart enough nourishment to start loving herself once. She can again be the beautiful flower she was always meant to be.

I have to admit, “Flowers” nudged me to get yellow roses for my mom. After writing the review, I started reflecting on all the small things my mom has missed since my dad’s passing. While a small gesture, its absence can impact someone profoundly. I think that’s what we need to all pull from Charly Reynold’s latest single. A trip to Paris is not going to keep two people together. It’s the small things like emptying the dishwasher, cooking dinner and yes, getting flowers.

"Flowers" Charly Reynold's Latest Video


I highly recommend you add “Flowers” to your favorite playlist. All the links you need are below. Charly Reynolds is an artist you need to keep on eye on. Her music gets better with every release. I am looking forward to what’s next.

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"Flowers" Charly Reynolds

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