"Gods and Ghost" The New Album From Adam Wakefield

As someone who listens and speaks with many artist, I can tell you that Adam Wakefield is in a special class of singer/songwriters. “Gods and Ghost” is an album which resembles songwriting from masters such as Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. I truly believe Adam would fit right in with The Highwaymen in a very organic way. Afterall, Adam tells stories the way only true country music can.

The track “Gods and Ghost”, which is also is the title of the album, is strong example of Adam’s ability to write and tell a story. It not some polished feel good story, it is truth telling story about relationships. We all have well guarded secrets that we may never tell another soul. We may feel it is too painful or burdensome to share with anyone accept Gods and Ghost. This song shares a raw truth that can hit on so many emotions, all at once, or one at a time. This is songwriting at it’s finest.

Go get “Gods and Ghost” the new album from Adam Wakefield wherever you get your music. We made it easy for you and provided some links down below. Go check it out.

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