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“Angels in Snakeskin” Country Artist Sabrina Lentini Celebrates Family

One thing I have always admired about Sabrina Lentini is her writing style. It really is playful, but at the same makes you want to dig deep in the story being sung. “Angels in Snakeskin” Sabrina’s latest single, really pushes this home quite literally.

At first when Sabrina Lentini reached out to me about her new single on the horizon, I had no idea what I was walking into. It took a few minutes in conversation and Sabrina’s tone that I realized “Angels in Snakeskin” was not just another song, but was a living family diary covering three generations.

This song is an empowering story that hits at the heart of who Sabrina Lentini is. She was a bit nervous during our conversation and for good reason. This song is a really personal one, but it is one we can all connect to. This also is why it make for timeless country song. It has a story that is a pleasure to connect to, boots and most importantly here at Southern Fellow “Angels in Snakeskin” is about family. Sabrina has really laid this song on some of the strongest pillars in country music.

“Angels in Snakeskin” is another great song that is worthy of your playlist. We have all the links you need below. Also there, you can find our full interview and recipe that Sabrina herself inspired.

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