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“Write You a Love Song” the new single from Teagan Stewart

Teagan Stewart may be a new name in country music. However, the many paths she has taken has lead her to the stage both literally and figuratively. She always loves to write. Her love for words is not limited to just songs, but extends to books and plays as well. These paths that have intertwined themselves a time or two has led to her latest single “Write You a Love Song”.

“Write You a Love Song” has a stripped down feel to it which makes feel a little more honest. It reflects modern day “young love” or the lack thereof. Let’s face it. Today we have so many distractions and they take a heavy toll on our relationships. We are involved with so many things that we can’t see the people in front of us. “Write You a Love Song” tells that story that many of us know all too well. The lyrics you will be able to relate to. They also stand as a reminder to be present for those around us. It’s hard to write a love song for someone who is not there physically or emotionally and I think Teagan Stewart does a great job telling that story in her latest single.

“Write You a Love Song” is a song many of you will make a connection with. That and it’s live, acoustic feel makes it a easy to recommend. Go ahead and add it to your playlist. As always we made it easy for you. Just click on your favorite music service down below and download “Write You a Love Song” the latest single from Teagan Stewart. Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time.

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