"Just Thought That You Should Know" A hit single with a classic feel By Kayley Hill

In the past 5 years I don’t know of a new female artist that brings country back to the early days of Reba, Lorrie Morgan , and Trisha Yearwood. Yet, by luck Kayley and I just happened to strike up a conversation one evening. We were talking about music, life and places she is fixing to play. She then asked me to listen to her new single. Well it wasn’t too long before I knew I was listening to something rare. “Just Thought That You Should Know” told a story and it was with a skill that goes back to the women that were the ultimate storytellers.

Country music is a big tree with many branches these days. However, Kayley Hill is going back to the roots with her vocals and songwriting. By doing this she is making the entire tree stronger. If you want to listen to what makes country music great, check out “Just Thought That You Should Know” by country music artist Kayley Hill down below.

"Just Thought That You Should Know" By Kayley Hill

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