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“Cinderella” the new single from Raihanna Estrada

Country music has gone through so many twists over the past few years. Even someone like me has a hard time keeping track. There have been a few good surprises that I have found throughout all of these changes. Raihanna Estrada is one of them.

Raihanna Estrada is a west coast girl who now calls Nashville home. “Cinderella”, her brand new single came across my desk a couple of weeks ago. I will admit I tabled it at first. I already had so much going on and I had yet to check out Raihanna’s previous songs. So the day of the release it showed up on my Spotify new music radar. I was going to give it a 30 second preview then come back to it. That 30 seconds turned into 4 complete replays.

There is so much  to love in this song. It has an early 90’s feel to it with a contemporary splash. Just like how a fresh lemon slice enhances water. It’s funny how many artist are talking about this particular decade in country music these days. If they really want their music to reflect that, they might want to take a few notes from Raihanna Estrada.

“Cinderella” also tells a great country story. It’s a story of someone who is a bit broken like all of us. Today we associate social media with real life. If that truly was the case the photo filters we all love would be quite different. Instead of a way to cover up our flaws, they would embrace them. “Cinderella” reflects real life and drives home the fact we are all a little broken.

Raihanna Estrada is a storyteller. “Cinderella” is a song worthy of any playlist. Celebrate this story by clicking on your favorite music service below. Just give it 30 seconds like I did. It will make a believer out of you.

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