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Bryan Frazier Has Me Feeling Like a Kid Again with “On The Radio”

Have you ever been back to the future? When I first heard “On The Radio” from country artist Bryan Frazier my brain flashed back to my younger years and then snapped me right back to the present. I used that movie reference in the first line because I finally understand it. There are parallels between now and my high school years. Rubbing elbows with artists like Bryan was just wishful thinking back then. Today, it’s my job, and there is something to be said for that.

I might be bragging a bit to some old friends, but the truth is, even the craziest of dreams can come true, and regardless of age, you should not give up on them. Before Southern Fellow, I was feeling older beyond my years. I had settled and said no to every new possibility I came across. But, things changed when I said yes to an interview. That interview with Erinn Peet Lukes led to Nashville knocking on my door.

“On The Radio”, no doubt, will send many of you back a few years. It brings that feeling of having few worries and endless possibilities, but I challenge you not to stop there. Those dreams that felt like wild horses you would never catch are achievable. You now have the wisdom and tools to saddle them up, pick the direction you want to go, and start riding. I’m sure Bryan Frazier wanted simply for “On The Radio” to make people feel good for three minutes. I encourage you to take a few seconds and reflect on the dreams you had when possibilities were endless and go after them.

"On The Radio" Audio from Bryan Frazier

Bryan Frazier might not be a familiar name yet, but he is producing music that will make you feel like you have been buddies for years. “On The Radio” puts him right in the truck with you tuning the FM knob to songs that make you want to sing at the top of your lungs. I highly recommend you add him to your favorite playlist. All the links you need are below. Also, be sure to learn more about him on Feed the Band and try the recipe for Country Meatloaf he inspired.

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"On the Radio" Bryan Frazier Post Photo

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