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Kayley Bishop Has a Heavy Hitter this Holiday Season with “Christmissing You”

Who are you missing this holiday season? I have been single for a couple of years now. Don’t throw a pity party for me, though. I would rather be in a good relationship rather than a hollow one. That said, I never felt alone until this Christmas. So I had to take a moment to figure out why. I started thinking about you and the other relationships I have made as Southern Fellow, and the truth is simple. I miss you guys! Meeting many of you over the past year has made our connections more substantial and has enriched my life profoundly. Kayley Bishop has also made such an impact, and she just released a song for all who are missing someone entitled “Christmissing You”.

Let’s put Christmas aside for a second. When I started Southern Fellow, I was adamant that independent female artists would not be my focus. However, Kayley Bishop’s single “Just Thought That You Should Know” felt like a punch in the face for my stupidity. Why? Because it was the first song in a long time that filled me with some powerful emotions, and it was from someone I had never heard of. I couldn’t believe it. So I started sharing that single with family and friends simply to ensure I wasn’t losing my mind. They also liked the song and started asking me questions about Kayley. Because of this, I started giving independent artists their due, which has been life-changing. They say never meet your heroes. Well, I finally was able to meet Kayley three years back, and the legend I spent a year developing in my head was almost identical to the real person.

Let’s bring Christmas back and talk about ‘Christmissing You”.For me, this single is a bit of a conundrum. “Christmissing You” is about missing someone during the holidays, yet you will also want to simultaneously slow dance in the kitchen. I put most of the blame on Kayley’s rich and sultry voice. It rolls through this single like a warm knife to butter. It’s romantic undertones fill this jingle with hope instead of heartbreak. With that said, I think “Christmissing You” is the top song of the year for all who have somebody to miss this Christmas.

I am missing many of you. Thank you for the plethora of laughs, hugs (I don’t think I’ve ever met so many huggers!), and stories we will never be able to outlive. I am also missing Ms. Kayley Bishop, but not for long. We have big plans for April, and you will all be welcome to participate. Stay tuned for more information on that!

"Christmissing You" from Kayley Bishop


If I held a contest for Christmas songs, I feel “Christmissing You” would be the track to beat. Kayley Bishop has outdone herself yet again. I think “Christmissing You” deserves a spot on your playlist. All the links you need are below. Also, my elf friend mentioned that Santa has a specific request this year. Instead of cookies, he wants scones. Don’t worry, though. We have you covered. Try Our recipe for the Best Blueberry and Lemon Scones inspired by Kayley Bishop herself.

Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. We have more artist interviews, recipes, and concerts on the way!

"Christmissing You" Kayley Bishop

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