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“Hometowns Fault” Small Town Boy Bryan Frazier Makes A Big Single

In my hometown not too many people beat around the bush. So let me be a straight shooter. “Hometowns Faults” the new single from Bryan Frazier is one of his best songs to date. It is what country music should be.

“Hometowns Fault” is pure country which oddly enough is something that is getting harder to find in Nashville. Bryan Frazier covers high school, bibles, and hometown sweethearts which packaged up makes a story I can relate to.  I imagine there are other people in little dots around this land that will feel the same way.

Bryan Frazier’s single “Hometowns Fault” is a much needed addition to your playlist. Especially if you are country at your core. All the links you need are down below. While you are listening to “Hometowns Fault” check out our full interview with Bryan Frazier and try the hometown recipe he inspired.

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