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Noelle Toland Raises the Bar in 2023 with “Limbo”

Is your relationship in Limbo? Whether it is, or hell, even if it’s not, the new single from country music artist Noelle Toland needs to have a spot on your playlist. I’ve been in on the fence about a plethora of songs as of late, but “Limbo” is not one of them. I may sound like a fanboy now, but when I first heard of Noelle, my expectations were pretty low. With that said, let’s get to why Im excited about Noelle Toland and her latest single.

My expectations for Noelle were not that high when her name crossed my desk. Noelle’s publicist emailed me a few weeks back about a new artist with an extensive resume. After reading the email, I learned that Noelle was a singer, songwriter, model, and actress. I don’t have a problem with any of those titles, but I have always believed that people can do a lot of things, but can not do everything well. When I see these particular buzzwords lined up, the “songwriter” part is simply someone trying to add another feather to their hat. Yet, with Noelle, nothing could be farther from the truth. Her latest single, “Limbo,” is about as good as it gets and proves that her feet are firmly-planted in music.

Let’s talk about “Limbo.” One-word hooks are rare, but it’s all you need to sum up Noelle’s latest single. Until a couple of years ago, I would have said this song was strictly for the ladies. Regardless of the amount of confidence a man possesses, he falls short when it comes to relationships. Recently, however, I have experienced a relationship that’s been in neutral for a while. Every time I try to put it in gear, those gears start to grind, and then I have to return to neutral to keep things from blowing up. I would I have no problem washing my hands of it, but I’m having a hard time with this person. That said, I am slowly getting to the point where being in limbo doesn’t work for me. If you are the only one trying to move forward, you are the only person in the relationship. If any of this sounds familiar, “Limbo” is worth a listen.

What if you have the perfect relationship? Well, you should still check out the latest track from Noelle Toland. Personally, I don’t like many modern interpretations of country music, but Noelle connects enough of the old with her contemporary take. “Limbo” will draw in fans from all across the country spectrum. To me, it also has a little cool factor. “Limbo” sounds like a song that should be part of a soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino film. Quentin, if you are reading this, check out Noelle Toland.

"Limbo" Official Music Video


As much as I try to stay neutral, I’m excited about Noelle Toland. I think you should be as well. I strongly recommend checking out “Limbo” and her other music. As always, we made it easy for you to do so. All the links you need are below. If you would you like to get to know her at a personal level, stay tuned! She is coming to our Feed the Band Series soon.

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