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Jordan Redding Defines Contemporary Florida Country Music with the Release of “Sand and Sawgrass”

When was the last time you were surprised? When i first started Southern Fellow, it seemed to happen all the time. Fast forward a few years later, and that has slowed down. As an outsider in the music industry, learning the ins and outs took a little while. Now when an artist approaches me, I know what I’m in for most times. That, however, was not the case with Florida country music artist Jordan Redding. When we first met, he was part of Corben Champoux’s band. Little did I know Jordan would be a personal favorite of mine. His EP “Sand and Sawgrass” gets me excited about Florida country music again.

Regional styles of country music are not something new. Texas is proud of its Red Dirt. Bakersfield in California and the mountains of the Virginias both have their own sound. My home state of Florida has its own version of country music as well. I also feel it is the most diverse. We have been a peninsula of misfits long before outlaw country was even a thing. Before AC was piped into homes, cattlemen, outlaws, and coastal dwellers were all that were here.

Jordan Redding’s “Sand and Sawgrass” celebrates those of us who know what it feels to have the sand between your toes and pray every night that the mosquitoes don’t carry you off. Every song on this EP is filled with notes of tradition, love, and a dash of saltwater. I especially like the steel drums in “Back of my Harley”. I honestly would have wanted to hear a little more because you can almost miss them if you are not listening, but I am glad they are there nonetheless!

My favorite song off “Sand and Sawgrass” has to be “This Is Love”. I’m a softy for a good country love song, but what has me listening to this one, in particular, is the angle Jordan takes. Rarely do you see a modern male country artist cover failure and growth. Yet, this single does just that and rewards you with what a real relationship can be. It’s uplifting and pushes a positive message without being too on the nose. This tune, “Dirt Don’t Care”, and “Back of My Harley” are the three songs you will find on my playlist.

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Jordan Redding came out of nowhere, but after listening to “Sands and Sawgrass,” I feel he will be around for a long time. Under the right conditions, Jordan is a superstar in the making. Don’t just take my word for it. Give his EP a listen. All the links you need are down below.

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