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"Sober You" The New Single From Melanie Meriney

You hear a lot about Melanie Meriney here at Southern Fellow. Melanie is just one of those people that makes you happy every time you talk with her. So, when you share common interest in music and food you talk often. When I first heard about “Sober You” I was pretty excited. That energy that fills a conversation with Melanie is increased a hundredfold when it comes to her music.

“Sober You” is her latest single and in my opinion one of her best songs. The tempo combined with here vocals makes the music pour into you. On top of everything, Melanie sells the story and makes you relate to it. That is good country music.

Go check out “Sober You”. We made it easy for you. down below we included some links. Also check out our full interview with Melanie Meriney. Thanks for stopping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time!

Check out our full interview with Melanie Meriney

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