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Molly Lovette Storms Into the New Year with Her Latest Single “Seasons”

I have no musical background. So, I tend to shy away from getting too technical while doing song reviews. However, if you asked five people about the merits of a song with a strong music pedigree, you would get five different opinions. Opinions are debatable, but one looks more like a fact with every song release. Molly Lovette is the most versatile artist we have featured on Southern Fellow. Her latest single, “Seasons,” is proof that she can find success with a song regardless of the temperature of the topic or its tempo. I do not doubt that Molly’s versatility is what led her to be our most popular artist on the website as well as our 2021 Artist of the Year.

Let’s first talk about Molly’s adaptability. The closest correlation I feel I can draw from is the acting world. First, there are the character actors. Those who are very strong in their respected roles like a funny person, bad guy, the barbie girl, etc. In music, some artists excel at party songs, love songs, breakup songs, and the list goes on. In both respected arts, some people are excellent at multiple roles. On the big screen, Tom Hanks comes to my mind. For me, in country music, Molly Lovette is the first artist to come to my mind lately. Here single “Seasons” is a large part of my reasoning.

I will say Molly Lovette’s single “Hey Hey” is still my all-time favorite. Yet, I’m splitting hairs. “Seasons” has a lot going for it. First, it’s the maturity level that grabbed my attention. In my experience, relationships that go bad solely involve one person’s actions. A person accepting responsibility for their failures is something you rarely see in today’s country genre. There is a lot of male-bashing going on with the ladies, but Molly has taken a realistic approach. I feel this angle will reach both male and female listeners. I hope more female artists follow this path. Country music was always about the truth, good or bad, and I think Molly Lovette is bringing back that tradition with “Seasons.”

I also have to talk about one thing on every review I do for Molly. Her voice is something I can not wrap my head around. I absolutely love it for reasons I don’t know, even today. She’s not a belter like Carrie Underwood, or is Molly’s voice overly unique. Instead, It feels familiar and comfortable. Oddly enough, it is a tone and a dash of twang that is pleasant to the ear. Without it, I think many of her songs wouldn’t feel so honest or her being so approachable. Qualities many people praise about Taylor Swift, but I have only experienced with Molly Lovette. “Seasons” reaffirms this with me.

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No matter what direction the wind blows, it looks like Molly Lovette is here to stay, and I believe country music will be better for it. “Seasons” will shake up some emotions for many of you with Molly’s honest approach to storytelling. I highly recommend you add it to your favorite playlist. All the links you need are down below. While listening, learn about our 2021 Artist of the Year by reading her full review on our Feed the Band series. Also, try our recipe for Summer Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad Molly inspired.

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