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“Yo Mama” the Wholesome New Single from Amanda Cooksey

When Amanda Cooksey first told me of her latest single “Yo Mama” I had a flashback to the jokes we told in school. It was after I listened to it that I realized this song is no joke at all. Under the light-hearted pop sound there was some teeth to it.

“Yo Mama” is 100% Amanda Cooksey. It is fun, upbeat and clever. If you dig deeper though, there is a really powerful message. It is a common theme among many of Amanda’s songs. That theme is to love yourself. Many people are talking about it these days, but very few people can package it up the way Amanda Cooksey can. “Yo Mama” is a song that really highlights Amanda Cooksey’s ability to do just that.

“Yo Mama” is definitely worth a listen. It may not be a song for everyone. For those that “Yo Mama” takes aim at, it’s just the message you need, delivered is a fun package that only Amanda Cooksey can pull off.

We have all the links to your favorite music services and the official music video below for “Yo Mama”. Also check out our full interview with Amanda Cooksey and the recipe she inspired. Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. We have more music and recipes on the way!

Latest Music Video "Yo Mama"

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