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"Wayward Skies" the new album from Dom Wier

To me lyrics are the most important part of any song. That is why country music feels like home to me. I either want the artist to relate to what’s going on in my life or use their story to take me to a different place entirely. Obviously, an artist would like to get the the attention of as many people as possible. A truly great song is really a miracle. Something only four minutes long connecting millions of people is the pinnacle of any artist. Dom Wier is an artist that working on reaching the top of his own mountain and “Wayward Skies” is an amazing start.

“Wayward Skies” is a mixture of country, rock and folk. Remember when I was telling you how important lyrics are to me? Well Dom Wier does not disappoint. He really has proven himself as a heavy hitter. His words pull at your soul. Then bends and flexes it to the point where it feels like it’s going to break. They are honest and raw. If you are looking for unicorns and rainbows, this album may not be for you. However if you like honesty in it’s purest form, “Wayward Skies” is an album you need to check out.

We made it easy to check out Dom Wier’s new music. Down below we added some helpful links. I highly recommend you check this album out. There is a little something for everyone in it. Thanks for dropping by The Luncheonette. We will catch you next time.


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