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“Way Past Word” The Latest Single from Jesse Lopez Proves He Has More to Say

I met Jesse Lopez through one of our new members to the Southern Fellow country music artist Kirstie Kraus. At the time, things were crazy, even for 2020. This week I decided to circle back to Jesse upon releasing his official music video for “Way Past Words.” Checking it out, I could not help but think this song should have been on my radar from day one.

“Way Past Words” is a song that will relate to many of you who are reading this. There is something that both sexes can pull from in Jesse’s new single. It might come as a shock given what I do, but sometimes I have difficulty expressing myself in a relationship. As most guys know, we have a hard time threading the needle in conversations with the opposite sex. We want to avoid the extremes of coming off too soft or firm on some topics. Instead of discussing feelings, I prefer sending flowers or other gestures. I think “Way Past Words” demonstrates that words and actions mean the same thing. A smile and a look or a quick embrace is often our way of saying, “I love you.”

For the ladies out there, I think once you check out Jesse Lopez, he will be on your playlist for a very long time. The title “Way Past Words” is going to feel like a fib. You are going to fall in love with the lyrics and Jesse’s suave approach to this song. You ladies are going to have to check it out to see if I’m right.

“Way Past Wards” need to be on your favorite playlist, and you need to follow Jesse Lopez on your favorite music platform. All the links you need are below. While you are down there, you can watch the official music video for “Way Past Words” feature Jesse and Kirstie Kraus. Jesse Lopez is bound for big things, and it’s great being part of his journey.

"Way Past Words" Jesse Lopez

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