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Aubrey Wollett Brought Me to a Point of Honesty with Her New Single “Honest”

How far apart is how you want others to perceive you, then how you look at yourself? I have to admit that before Southern Fellow, that space was vast. No matter what I tried, I could not close the gap. The five years before Southern Fellow were the worst in my entire life. I was unhappy and depressed most days. I became a pro at faking smiles and pretending that I cared. Finally, it got to a point where I believed so much of my bullshit I didn’t think things were as dark as they were. It took Southern Fellow to pull me back into the light. To be honest, I had no desire to get this personal, but “Honest,” the new single from Aubrey Wollett, made me reflect on the past ten years.

As a child, we are told to look at honesty and truth as black and white. Yet, as an adult, when I look at old photos, there are so many different shades between those two colors. An image that is solely black and white lacks life. The truth is, as humans, we try to oversimplify things. It’s scary and takes a lot of work to learn what all those shades of grey mean. “Honest” is a story about a woman’s sole journey through self-awareness, but at the same time, I feel Aubrey Wollett wants you to know you are not alone. No matter how perfect everyone else seems around you, they struggle with their own grey areas just as much as you do.

I also have learned that two people can look at the same snapshot of a life, pull separate conclusions, and both be right. We are all a bit different. Case in point – Aubrey likes sunshine, while my friend Taylor, for reasons unknown to me to this day, likes cold and overcast days. If you ask them to recall the best day they can remember, I am confident you will get two totally different answers. They are both being honest, though you or I might look at one side or the other as being wrong. You can get two different truths that are equally right. We all struggle with our differences. Yet, the silver lining is we all have them. That’s part of the human experience we all share and what makes each person unique. “We all have scars we are hiding, but that’s what makes us human.” is a line from “Honest” that sums this all up.

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I have to say, Aubrey scared the hell out of me with “honest”. First, her voice and the melody had me feeling relaxed. Then, as the lyric sunk in, I started to become self-aware and started reflecting on my life up to this point. “Honest” is half a step in a different direction for Aubrey, but I like it and think you will too. It’s worthy of your favorite playlist, so I went ahead and made it easy for you. All the links you need are down below. While listening, you can check out our full interview with Aubrey on Feed the Band and satisfy that sweet tooth with the Grill Banana French Toast recipe she inspired.

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