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“Put Me In A Bar” The New Single From Bryan Frazier Is a Fun, Not So Serious Song That Needs to Be Taken Seriously

How has your October been? Here in Florida, it’s been a shit show, thanks to hurricane Ian. The only thing Ian didn’t wash away is the desire for clear skies and a cold beer. We cover a ton of female artists with songs that pull at the heartstrings, but I have to say, I am thankful for Bryan Frazier’s latest single, “Put Me In A Bar”. His new track makes me want to lift a glass while I float down my flooded driveway.

“Put Me In A Bar” is a fun, not-so-serious song that should be taken seriously. That may sound hard to follow, so let me expand. Bryan Frazier is a new name for many of you, but he is by no means a rookie to writing and performing. With all the feel-good his latest single brings, Bryan is a master at injecting nostalgia into a story while hitting a broad range of age groups. Whether you are twenty-one or sixty, “Put Me In A Bar” will remind you of great times few of us will outlive.

The soul of country music is in a weird spot right now. Things are too polished. The powerful in Music City are focused more on how clever they can be. From leaning heavy on analytics to overly thought-out lyrics that listeners don’t understand, the country music industry has forgotten the nine-to-five everyday people it once relied on. “Put Me In A Bar,” and Bryan Frazier, makes country music relatable again.

"Put Me In A Bar" Official Video


If $5 concert tickets and $3 drafts are all you need for a great weekend, I highly recommend you add “Put Me In A Bar” to your favorite playlist. While listening, check out the Country Meatloaf recipe Bryan inspired. It also happened to be one of our most saved recipes last week.

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"Put Me In A Bar" Brian Frazier Post Photo

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