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Molly Lovette Leaves the Mess Where It Belongs with “Clean Break”

Are breakups fun? I’m sure the vast majority of you are shaking your head no. Especially when the other person makes things harder on everyone. It’s safe to say we all want a separation to be a clean break. However, when the other side makes a mess of things you no longer have to clean things up to satisfy someone else. Country music Molly Lovette invites you to put down your broom and raise your fist with her latest single “Clean Break”.

Men love power. We spend the majority of our lives trying to figure out how to get it and then maintain it once we have it. We often boast all the noble characteristics we have and let the world know that by having these basic cornerstones we should be respected. One of those pieces is being accountable. Vowing that your words and actions are justified for all involved. Yet, from what I have seen, most men act more like toddlers than men when it comes to handling a breakup. They create a mess and wallow in it waiting for someone else to clean it up.

I strongly believe actions speak louder than words. If a man isn’t rolling up his sleeves to support you, dump his ass. Right about now, I normally would start pointing the finger at many of the ladies reading this, but you are safe today. Why? That’s because Molly Lovette calls out such men with her single “Clean Break” and I have a feeling you are going to hold men more accountable for their actions.

“Clean Break” is far from a traditional country song where you are drowning in your own tears like many of the female “boy trouble” songs coming out of Nashville. Molly Lovette is blowing on the house of cards that represents accountability that many men today build. She’s revealing that a man’s character can fall apart faster than a Dollar Store babydoll and women shouldn’t feel the need to clean up the pieces.

I have been fortunate to be part of Molly’s music career for the past four years. I will admit that “Clean Break” is not my personal favorite when it comes to her list of songs. “Hey Hey” holds that spot. However, I do think this song is going to be the favorite for many of you reading this. Most will feel deeply empowered and connected to this track. As a man, songs like this often make me look at myself from a different angle. Sometimes I like what I see, other times I don’t. You might feel the same. Don’t tell Molly this, but I think her music has made me a better man. I honestly don’t know how I feel about that, but I’m sure she would love that little piece of information.

"Clean Break" Lyric Video

Go ahead and add “Clean Break” to your favorite playlist. All the links you need are below. While listening, you can check out Molly’s full interview and try the Summer Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad recipe she inspired!

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