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“Room 15” The Swinging New Single from Raquel & The Wildflowers

A year ago if you told me that there was a band in New York playing traditional country music better than what is coming out of the Nashville scene I would have politely laughed in your face. Being from the south, a statement like that would have sounded completely absurd. That was until I met Raquel & The Wildflowers and a few others like them. Their latest single “Room 15”, proves that real country music is alive and well in every corner of this nation.

Raquel & The Wildflowers has always held a special place in my heart as the little band that “could”. Like that local garage band you just know is going to make it one day. After listening to “Room 15” I would say they are no longer the little band that “could”, but rather, the little band that “is”. “Room 15” has a lot of what I loved about their single “Hot July (Summer Love)” including fun guitar riffs and even a fiddle. ( Hey Nashville! Do you even remember when fiddles were a thing?) Sorry, had to vent. 

For me, “Room 15” sets itself apart from their previous single by being more polished, at the same time being a little more organic. Lyrically it’s easy to follow and something real people can connect to. You may not be starting a band, but you might reflect back to that first apartment at the start of your adult life. You know what I am talking about. That used mattress you bought because that’s all you could afford and the stain in the carpet you never wanted to give your brain room to ask questions about. These are memories we reflect often on, but at the same time never want to revisit. Lyrics are only part of this song. On top of everything, is just good music. If you’re not tapping your feet and bobbing your head, check your pulse. You most likely don’t have one.

Raquel & The Wildflowers is a band you need listen to and follow. I also think that you need to freshen up that playlist and add “Room 15” to it for a toe tappin’ good time. All the links you need are below along with a live performance of “Room 15” from Raquel & The Wildflowers.

"Room 15" Raquel & The Wildflowers Post Cover

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Raquel & The Wildflowers "Room 15" Video Premiere

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