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Jordan Mohr Hits a Bullseye with Her First Ever Music Video “Smokin’ Gun”

"Smokin' Gun" Official Music Video from Jordan Mohr

What is it like being in a music video? I have asked myself this question many times since I started Southern Fellow, and many of you may have. This past April, country music artist Jordan Mohr asked me to play a deputy for ‘Smokin’ Gun”. I knew this particular single was the perfect song for a video, but videographer Dale Metz, Jordan, and the cast took it to a level I could have never imagined. So today, I want to share my experience on the set of “Smokin’ Gun” and how I think this video is a must-watch to appreciate the single fully.

Music videos do not have the same budget as your favorite blockbuster movie. Nor do you have two hours to get the point across. Given these limitations, it takes a ton of organization to tell a story in 3 minutes and take all the footage needed in a day. Luckily Caroline Walker from DME Music is skilled at keeping everyone on time, and Dale Metz can snap together a vision and make changes on the fly. These two people are the cake part of a cupcake, to use a food analogy. Their job is to support the exciting stuff. For Smokin’ Gun,” that is Jordan Mohr. She is the icing on the cake. What about me and the rest of the cast? Well, we are the sprinkles. We make things look more interesting.

To film this sweet music video, the day started at 8 am. We began by walking around the wedding venue, and Dale decided where each scene would be set and props. Next, we had a meeting about where and when each actor would be needed. That is when I found out how much I would be in the video. Still, I am nervous about how many scenes this non-actor was in (LOL). Most acting parts were shot in the morning. The afternoon was dedicated to the live band performance and a handful of scenes needed for the ending.

That’s all the nuts and bolts of what it took to film. So let’s get to what it felt like as an actor. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Starting Southern Fellow, I had little knowledge of the music industry. This experience has propelled my understanding of the business of music and brought me closer to all who work in it. I told many of you that I would never, in a million years, have dreamed I would be where I am today. You can push that number into the trillions when it comes to acting in a music video. Oddly enough, the plethora of positive experiences I have had in the past four years was nothing I had planned. I want to thank Jordan for expanding what I thought was possible.

That’s enough about me. Let’s get to why you need to watch the “Smokin’ Gun” music video. If you haven’t listened to the single yet, I highly suggest watching the video first. Deceit in a relationship is not new. Still, Jordan Mohr tells the story in a fun and creative way. Lyrically and visually, the “Smokin’ Gun” music video is impressive. No, It’s not because I was in it. I didn’t see the finished product until a couple of weeks ago. To be honest, it looks better than what I had envisioned. Most of the scenes I thought would be used didn’t make the final cut.

As I mentioned before, Ms. Jordan Mohr is the icing on the cake. She is very expressive on an average day. But, boy, does Ms. Mohr kick it up when it comes to acting. If she didn’t sing a word, Jordan could tell the story with her facial expressions alone. It truly is something to watch.

Simply put, Jordan set an extremely high bar for her very first video. Usually, for a new artist, this could present a problem. However, in Jordan’s case, my fears are kept at bay. Knowing her for the past two years, I have seen her work on improving herself and her music daily. Little is going to stop her from reaching for the next star.

I hope you enjoy the “Smokin’ Gun” music video! We also have some behind-the-scenes photos you can check out down below. If you scroll a little more, you can find all the links you need to add the single to your favorite playlist. I highly recommend following Jordan Mohr on your socials and favorite streaming service. Thank you for being part of this video premiere. We have more music, recipes, and concerts on the way!

"Smokin' Gun" Behind the Scenes Photos

"Smokin' Gun" Jordan Mohr

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