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Auburn McCormick Gets Vulnerable with “Secrets”

Who knows your secrets? They say the truth will set you free, but there is a good argument that not everyone needs to know everything about you. There are secrets we keep and share with those closest to us. However, people can grow apart and become strangers carrying your secrets, leaving you feeling vulnerable. The good news is you’re not alone, and the latest single from Auburn McCormick just might be the song you need.

I was almost a completely different person ten years ago. Most likely unrecognizable to many of you today. To my detriment, I kept my cards close to my chest despite holding a losing hand. I thought life could not get any worse at the time. But, boy, I was wrong. Knowing you have become emotionally vulnerable as a guy will scare the shit out of you. My first seizure compounded my feelings of vulnerability, and I had a choice. Go down a dark hole or open up to people about my needs. I chose the latter.

That decision changed my life and led to what Southern Fellow is today. I’ve always had many friends, but few know me like the ones I have made as Southern Fellow. A handful of people out there know me a little too well, and after listening to “Secrets” from Auburn McCormick, I couldn’t help but think what would happen if one of those people split. How would they act outside of our relationship? What would the emotional fallout for me look like?

Relationships are relationships. “Secrets” just happens to be told from a romantic one. I’ve only been in one romantic relationship with someone who had a top-secret clearance one time. Morgan Jade was laid to rest in New York 11 years ago after fighting cancer twice. She carried with her so many of my secrets. Still, to this day, I don’t know if God is laughing or crying. Sometimes it feels like her spirit lives on in the few closest to me, and that’s why I wrote this review from that perspective.

"Secrets" by Auburn McCormick Official Audio


Auburn McCormick has a way of making me go deep, even when I don’t want to. However, whenever I write about one of her singles, I always feel like a better man. “Secrets” will be an emotional rollercoaster for many of you, but I think it’s worth the ride. One of the benefits of taking this ride is that you don’t have to wait in line. All the links you need are down below.

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"Secrets" Auburn McCormick

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