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David Adam Byrnes Brings Country Heartache Back with “I Find a Reason”

It’s 2022, and starting the new year with heartbreak is about as country as you can get. That said, I think in many ways, the country music artists of today are having a hard time telling those stories. I am happy to say today’s artist on The Luncheonette is not part of that trend. David Adam Byrnes is bringing heartbreak back to country music one song at a time. His latest single, “I Find a Reason”, hits a lot of high notes and makes me feel that country music will be able to maintain it’s title as the heartache genre.

Why does “I Find a Reason” stand out to me? The biggest reason is that songs like this are believable. Today, many country artists want to serve you heartbreak in a neatly packed box. Some do this to sell empowerment, while others thinly cloak a pop song with country. It’s like they are trying to add as much potpourri as possible to cover up the smell of an outhouse. The truth is that outhouse is still going to stink, and so do breakups. There is nothing neat about it.

“I Find a Reason” is an honest breakup song for guys. Admitting defeat is one thing that crushes us. We might brush things off in public, but losing in the relationship game hurts, even if it’s our fault. So even when there is no way back, we try to fix things. Most times, with the same methods that did not work the first time. It’s like trying to patch the Hoover Dam with superglue; it’s not going to fix the problem. “I Find a Reason” drives this all home. This single is about a guy trying to figure out how to repair something that unrepairable.

David Adam Brynes’ latest single also makes me reflect on the state of country music. Some days I feel country music is losing its identity. However, David gives me hope that not all is lost. This song gives me faith that storytelling will live on in the genre. I do feel it can progress. Artists like Charlie Marie prove that country music can keep it’s DNA, all while telling contemporary stories. I personally would like to see David Adam Brynes take a similar approach. The genre needs artists with Adam’s talent to show what country music can be for generations to come.

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If country music is your thing, I highly recommend adding “I Find a Reason” to your 2022 playlist. I have no doubt that David Adam Byrnes has a bright future ahead of him. All the links are down below. You can also find the latest artists featured on our popular Feed the Band Series, where we interview artists such as David and create tasteful recipes around those artists.

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