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Hasting & Co. Brings Some Fun Summer Heat with “SPF U”

I think it’s impossible to deny that it is summer. No matter where you live in the northern hemisphere, it has been a hot one. If I were you, I would find a partner and load up on the SPF. Josh Beale and Kate Hasting, the two who make up Hasting & Co., just made this summer blazing hot with their new single “SPF U”.

My connection to Kate and Josh was forged in tragedy. The three of us suffered the loss of a father too early. That connection will never go away, but the sun still came up regardless of the dark times we have shared. Instead of heartbreak, joy fills my soul when I think of Hasting & Co. As a chef, the best way I can describe these two is comfort food. No matter what’s going on in my world or the amount of time I spend apart from Hasting &Co., I can go back to them and feel at home. I’ve never met Josh and Kate face to face, but every time we talk or I listen to their latest single, it feels like they are a couple of houses down the street. That’s exactly how it felt when I heard their new single “SPF U”.

“SPF U” is purely a fun summer song that’s a bit steamy, funny, and something the average person can get behind. It makes me want to grab a lawn chair and a large bottle of sunscreen then head to the beach. I think it will make you feel the same way. You can bring the love of your life or try your luck with the locals. Either way, it’s all about having a good time and taking life a little less seriously. After 2020, ‘SPF U” is the summer jam we all need!

"SPF U" Official Music Video

I promise Hasting & Co. will bring a whole lot of sunshine into your life this summer. If you like “SPF U”, don’t stop there. Go ahead and add all of their music to your favorite playlist. I even made it easy for you. All you have to do is click the links below. While you are listening, you can learn more about Kate and Josh by reading their full interview and trying the recipe for Dry Rubbed Prime Steak with Charred Corn and Tomato Salsa they inspired. Thank you for stopping by The Luncheonette. We have more music and recipes on the way!

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