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Country Artist A. C. Jones Celebrates Self-Empowerment with “Over You (The Yellow Sundress Song)”

I”m a guy so take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt. I hate the vast majority of female breakup songs over the past ten years or so. There is a lot of female empowerment going on, and I’m all for that. I work hard to give female artists a platform. Yet, when an artist releases a song about loving a jackass and how she can’t live without him, to me, it dramatically diminishes the empowerment argument. A female artist literally and figuratively has a stage to inspire women to find love and acceptance from within. This sentiment is precisely what country artist A. C. Jones is preaching in her latest single, “Over You (The Yellow Sundress Song),” and I dig it!

I have to say, I love the overall feel of “Over You (The Sundress Song”. It has a traditional country feel, the music makes sense, and the message is great! However, the icing on the cake is A. C Jones. Simply put, she has the vocals for prime time. But, all this said, there is more to this song than its fit and finish. The story and what it represents is what needs to be front and center.

Love is hard to get and maintain. When you depend on someone else for it, not only do you lose it, it’s even that much more challenging to get back. Everyone wants to be love and needed, but seeking solely from someone else is a bad idea. If you are in a relationship with someone who only takes and does not return love in kind, get out of it. Leave no strings connected. Put their ass on the curb, shut the door, and don’t look back. Learn from your past, look forward and start walking. A. C. Jones uses “Over You (The Yellow Sundress Song)” to get that message across, and I dig it!

"Hey Mama" A C Jones Official Video

A. C. Jones is an artist with a lot to say, and “Over You (The Yellow Sundress Song)” is proof of that. However, I know there will be people who may not like the message, and if you are one of those, I recommend you do some soul searching. Nevertheless, I think “Over You (The Yellow Sundress Song)” deserves a spot on your playlist. So, if you like this song, go ahead and follow A. C. Jones on your favorite streaming service. All the links you need are down below. Thank you for dropping by the Luncheonette. We have a plethora of music and recipes on the way!

“Over You (The Yellow Sundress Song)” A. C. Jones

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