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Stephanie Ryann Shows Maturity with Her Latest Single “Over You”

I realize relationships are complicated. They are an essential part of us as humans. Yet, there is one thing about them that I struggle with. To this day, I can’t understand why a person holds on to the pain of a broken relationship. I realize people make mistakes, and relationships need work, but if all else fails, you have to call it at some point. If you get stabbed with a knife, you don’t keep it in, hoping it gets better. Instead, you pull it out and patch the hole up as soon as possible. Country artist Stephanie Ryann is driving this point home with her latest single and music video, “Over You”.

I realize a knife is an inanimate object; in a way, so is a person who is not attempting to breathe life back into the relationship. There is only one solution. Get rid of that which is causing the pain. That is precisely what “Over You” Is about. Stephanie Ryann hit the nail on the head with her latest single. There is so much freedom in getting over a bad relationship and the pain that goes with it. You get to go back to the center and rediscover what makes you happy.

“Over You” is one of those songs that has made me reflect on Stephanie Ryann. I have known her for almost three years. Since that first day, Stephanie has approached her music with an intensity I have seen in very few artists. Not only that, she has not leaned on her looks the way many other artists do. She is gorgeous! In today’s world, beauty and a good voice can get you, at the very least, halfway to a decent music career. That said, halfway is not good enough for Stephanie on just about everything, including her music. She goes all-in and doesn’t shy away from the serious hard work it takes to get to and stay at the top. When I put all these pieces together, it’s her maturity that pulls everything together and makes songs like “Over You” work.

"Over You" Official Music Video

I think many of you will relate to “Over You”. You will either reflect on choices made in previous relationships, or it might give you the push you need to end the bad one you are in. Either way, I highly recommend adding “Over You” to your playlist; all the links you need are below. While you are listening, check out our full interview with Stephanie Ryann and try the Citrus Infused Crème Brûlée recipe she inspired. Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. We have more music and recipes on the way!

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