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“Passing in the Night” the New Album from Thunder and Rain

This is our first post since the new year and we go back to the beginning.  Thunder and Rain was the band that carved the template for our Feed the Band series. They were also the first ones to fill this family we call Southern Fellow with music. Today, they are back with their new album “Passing in the Night”.

“Passing in the Night” has a few old songs and builds on them with new music. What the didn’t do is try to reinvent themselves and I am thankful for that. The classic bluegrass sound with clever and gritty lyrics are still unique. The strings and Erinn’s voice just pull you into the story of each song. The songs that make up “Passing in the Night” remind me of a mountain stream. Not the one you see in postcards, but in real life. Pure water navigating rock, fallen trees and other debris. No matter what’s in front of it the stream adapts and lives on. Thunder and Rain has done an amazing job at capturing life with their new album “Passing in the Night” and that makes for damn good music.

I highly recommend you check out “Passing in the Night” and Thunder and Rain. We added all the links you need. While you are there check out our full interview with the band and try the recipes they inspired. Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. We have more music and recipes on the way.

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