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“The Hamptons” the small town hit from Walker County

I grew up in a very small town. Pretty much from birth I have always connected with country music. Many of the stories told in country related to blue collar life in little towns. The past 10 years I have really noticed fewer songs that related to my life in country music. Once there were many and now it feels like a shortage. So when a small town song comes up I someone likes me gets excited.

This played out last week when Walker County released their new single “The Hamptons”. I have been listening to Sophie and Dawn for awhile now. There were two distinct things that I pulled from their latest single that really made me what to write about it. The first is obvious. It’s a song about people like me. The second reason is really part of the first, but doesn’t normally happen with many female artists from a lyrical sense. “The Hamptons” is a song a guy can get behind.

This song is slap full of blue collar references. “The Hamptons” is playful and simply makes you feel good. We always feel like the grass is greener on the other side. Most times that’s not the case. Walker County is reminding you of that and to take another look at your feet. Where you are standing might be where you wanted to be all along.

“The Hamptons” is also a song that guys can really get behind. The lyrics are gender neutral. I know that’s a hot phrase in our political climate, but for Walker County the removal of gender lines makes this song feel like an anthem that everyone can get behind. I can’t tell you if it was by design, or a happy circumstance. All I can tell you is that it works in a really awesome way.

I think “The Hamptons” should be on your playlist. You might even just want to set in on repeat. I have been listening to it the entire time writing this. The new has yet to wear off. All the links you need to get your digital hands on this song are below.  Also let Walker County and I know if you would like to see them on our Feed the Band series. Please reach out to us on Instagram at @southernfellow_.

Thank you for stopping by the luncheonette. We have some great music, recipes and insight on the way. We will see you next time right here at Southern Fellow.

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