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“Fix It” Is Country Music Artist J. Antonette at Her Best

If you have ever felt that breaking up is hard, you are not alone. Everyone has experienced the end of a relationship at some point. The longer relationships last, the harder it gets. Also, the closer the end gets the more you want to try to fix it. If this all sounds familiar, the new single from J. Antonette entitled “Fix It” might be the song you need. Not only that, but I think it’s the best song she has released to date.

To be honest, I’ve been on the fence about J. Antonette’s music for a while. However, her latest single shoved me hard over to her side. Following her music career, it has always felt like she was holding all the keys but still trying to find the right door to walk through. After listening to “Fix It,” it’s easy to see she has found the right one. “Fix It’ is J. Antonette at her very best. Her latest single is well-composed with clever lyrics. It also makes the best use of her voice. This review would be the easiest one I have ever written if it wasn’t for the subject matter.

I have a hard time with the topic of breakups, especially from the female perspective. I like to call things as I see them. If something doesn’t feel right, I will end things. I understand that relationships take sacrifices, but if you are the only side doing the sacrificing, you are the only one in the partnership. Yet, I also know if you have been with that person for a long time, you are giving up on one thing people don’t speak about often. That is comfort. Two people can hate each other’s guts, but they know the ins and outs of the other person. That familiarity is hard to give up with heavy emotions wrapped around it. As with anything familiar and comfortable, we will try to fix it until it’s unfixable. Like a child’s first toy. This sentiment is at the heart of “Fix It” from J. Antonette.

“Heartbreak in a Honky Tonk” had the looks of a country song, but the latest single from J. Antonette has all the feels of heartbreak, a theme that is synonymous with country music. As I mentioned earlier, I think Jess has walked through the right door, and I hope she keeps walking. It may not be the easiest to walk, but I feel it will get her to where she wants to be.

The Latest Music Video from J.Antonette


I highly recommend you check out “Fix it”. As always, we make it easy for you. All the links you need are down below. Jess’ latest music video is equally as impressive. You can check that out above.

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