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“Black and White Movie” the new single from Auburn McCormick

I have always have been a sceptic of the universe being a silent actor in my life. There are sometimes though, that the stars feel that they are lining up to prove me wrong. I recently went through this about a week ago when Auburn McCormick dropped out of the sky like magic.

I have been reflecting on the current state of country music and the lack of real love songs. The ones that seem to make the whole country fall in love. In today’s country everyone seems to have one foot out the door. It’s a cultural shift and one that we need to reverse. It seems like everything is disposable today, even relationships. (I will be talking about this in full in another post, but it’s relevant with today’s artist.) 

As soon as my ideas on this topic started to form here comes Auburn McCormick and her new single “Black and White Movie”. This song hit like a lightning bolt. Auburn was singing about rewinding the clock a bit on how we look at romantic relationships and it was the same idea I was floating around in my head. I can’t tell you the last time I had such an instant connection to a song.

“Black and White Movie” lyrics are not only relevant, but Auburn McCormick delivers them in style. Auburn’s vocals are powerful and contains just enough twang to make her a leading lady in country music. She is well on her way to becoming one of the best new country artists of 2019.

We like to make life easy. Down below click on your favorite music service to get your digital hands on this song. “Black and White Movie” deserves a place on your playlist. I think we all need to take Auburn McCormick’s advice and roll back the clocks on the way we view love. Look for that one that makes you feel like your in a black and white movie. 

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