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“Naughty or Nice” The Christmas Single 2020 Needs from JuJu Rossi and Dean Purificato

If the Grinch were a year, 2020 would easily be it.  Many of our hopes and dreams were stolen from us. This December, we all need something to help us look past all that went wrong with the world. “Naughty or Nice” the new holiday single from country music artist Juju Rossi with Dean Purificato, will give you 3 minutes of sparkle and a reason to smile.

I do not get overly excited about holiday music. This year that feeling changed for me. I know Christmas will be different this year, but for whatever reason, the music of the season has made the holidays feel a bit more normal and a tad more cheerful. I did feel something was missing. A song that would make this time a year feel a bit more fun. JuJu Rossi delivered with “Naughty or Nice”. It’s a very playful holiday love song that hits all the right notes. The melody, vocals, and fun lyrics go down like rich hot chocolate. “Naughty or Nice” has warmed my soul, and I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite songs this holiday season.

This song deserves a spot on your playlist. You can add “Naughty or Nice” to your holiday playlist by using the links below. Also, watch the official music video. I think it could easily turn into a great Hallmark film. It has all the sugar and spice needed!

JuJu Rossi has been part of our Southern Fellow family for awhile. I have always had high expectations for her music. She has always found a way to surpass them. If you would like to learn more about JuJu, you can read her full interview on our Feed the Band series and try the recipe for Chicken Florentine she inspired.

"Naughty or Nice" Music Video


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