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“Broken Heart” The Latest Single from Mikele Buck and Brooke Lee is One of the Best Duets of 2023

What makes a good country song? The answer to that question has changed since I started Southern Fellow, but a few things have stood the test of time. A good country song must have a good story, elicit a strong emotional response, and possess a good hook. Mikele Buck is an artist who checks those boxes every time he releases music. That makes it hard to write about him without sounding repetitive. However, today, the good got better. Mikele has teamed up with Brooke Lee and released “Broken Heart”.

When I first heard “Broken Heart”, the story sounded slightly familiar. A few plays in, it hit me. Mikele and Brooke’s latest storyline is reminiscent of “The Chair” by George Strait. I don’t know if they were aiming for that, and modern interpretations of stories are hit or miss, but these two have done that nearly impossible task. “Broken Heart” tips it’s hat to the past while adding a fresh touch to the country music genre.

I never considered what separates a good country song from a great one until last week. Mikele and I are both friends with Kayley Bishop. She released a song in 2018 entitled “Just Thought You Should Know”. Reflecting on that song, I realized something. The storyline is not relevant to me at all, yet she made me feel like I had lived it. Mikele Buck and Brooke lee has me feeling the exact same way with “Broken Heart”.

This latest single also gives me hope that duets are not left in the 80’s and 90’s. However, duets are sometimes used differently today. There is a dark side to the music industry. The ladies don’t always get the same treatment as their male counterparts. Often, the industry uses duets or other means to boost the exposure of a female artist, and the results feel forced. “Broken Heart” is not that. Brooke Lee shines all on her own. As good as Mikele Buck is, this song would lose it’s depth without Brooke.

"Broken Heart" Mikele Buck and Brooke Lee


“Broken Heart” is a skillfully crafted country song performed by two exceptional artists. Mikele Buck is a household name here at Southern Fellow, and I have little doubt that Brooke Lee with soon be as well. If you like country music at it’s finest, this track needs to be on your playlist. All the links you need are below.

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