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“Make Me” the powerful heartbreak song by Lizzie Cates

Lizzie Cates is a country artist I always keep my eye on. Sometimes times too much. Such was the case this past weekend when I got so caught up in her release I forgot to post this write-up. Today we are extending the celebration of Lizzie Cates’ new single “Make me”.

One thing that you will find in any song Lizzie Cates releases is a strong dose of honesty. “Make Me” is an honest breakup story. Artist sometimes try to make a breakup funny  or try to make it seem like it’s cleaner than what it is in real life. Honestly, I always thought the term “breakup” did not really represent what is going  on. Breaking something normally is pretty clean. The destruction of a relationship is rarely on the clean side. It like ripping cloth. One side is going to have more than the other and some fibers stay connected. It may take multiple attempts to completely separate.

“Make Me” is a song that puts this on full display. One person has more, while the other is holding to the few threads left. Lizzie Cates has really captured the ugliness of breakups. “Make Me” is beautiful and painful to listen to. Lizzie’s tells this story with so much honesty you feel it in your bones.

If you want a good heartbreak song or just want to feel something “Make Me” is a must for your playlist. We have all the links you need to your favorite music service below. Also while you are there check out our full interview with Lizzie Cates.

Thank you for dropping by The Luncheonette. Happy Thanksgiving to our entire Southern Fellow family. Stay tuned! We have more music and recipes on the way.

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