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Country Music Artist Gracie Carol Finds a Sweet Spot with Her New Single “Is Yet”

I told everyone at the beginning of this year that Feed the Band was going the primary way I would introduce new artists here at Southern Fellow. That is true, except for today. I want to give credit where credit is due for someone new. Today that person is country music artist Gracie Carol and her newly released single titled “Is Yet”.

Why didn’t I just do a Feed the Band write-up? Gracie Carol’s musical journey has been bitter-sweet for me. Getting to know her over the past six months, she has proved to be very goal-oriented and willing to put in the work to achieve everything she sets her mind to. On top of all that, she has a big heart that’s impossible not to fall in love with. All of this has produced some great songs, including her latest single, “Is Yet”.

The bitter part of Gracie’s musical journey for me was her last single, “3 Minutes”. It’s not a bad song by any means.  If you know me, you know I’m willing to bend over backwards for female country artists. I think many of their male counterparts have become lazy when it comes to sustenance in their music. Over the past five years, female country artists have been willing to write about the challenges we face today. They go for the jugular on complex subject matters like Johnny Cash singing from a prison. 

Gracie Carol’s heart was in the right place with “3 Minutes”, people need to give real credit to the women in country music today. That said, if your message is to promote women in country music, you need to do it with a country song. “3 Minutes” had way more pop than twang. This also carried over to the music video for the song. Gracie blurred the lines between pop and country so much the message itself also became fuzzy. With the bitter taste this song left, I thought it was never going to go away. Then came “Is Yet”.

The very first time I heard Gracie Carol’s new single, I wanted to stand up in the chair I was sitting on and start clapping. “Is Yet” is, in my opinion, Gracie’s at her very best. She addresses a complex relationship story with maturity, and her voice is perfect for this song. If her name were Kelsea Ballerini or Maren Morris, this song would be blowing up country radio right now. Gracie Carol hasn’t yet broken through that glass ceiling that the females before her have done. She needs help from you and me to do just that. No matter how you look at it, it takes more than one person. “Is Yet” has cleared up for me the direction Gracie Carol is on. I now feel confident in saying you should give her 3 minutes.

If “Is Yet” is not on your playlist, I highly encourage you to add it. All the links you need are below. I would also encourage you to follow Gracie Carol on her social platforms. If she stays on this path, Gracie will shatter that glass ceiling in a short time. Like I mentioned before, she just needs 3 minutes of your time. “Is Yet” convinced me to do just that

"Is Yet" Lyric Video


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