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“Brunch Drunk” The brunch time hit from country duo Hasting & Co.

Brunch has always been a strange concept to me personally. You could easily call the meal an early lunch in my opinion.  Layered on top of this there is a bit of snobbery to it. People trying to prove that they have the means and time to add an extra meal to their day. That is what my personal opinion was before today.

After the release of “Brunch Drunk” the new single from Hasting & Co. I have changed my tune about brunch. Now my official statement is “Brunch, why the hell not!” Kate and Josh the duo who make Hasting and Co., have turned my idea of brunch upside down.

“Brunch Drunk” is a party song. Any high brow connection you may have with this time of day is quickly thrown out the window. What is left is a foot tappin’, feel good song that makes you want to take life a little less serious. Even if it’s just for a little bit. Given the current climate of the world, I think we all need to cool off with a few mimosas.

I think “Brunch Drunk” Is going to be an awesome addition to your favorite playlist. I would even go as far as to make this the top song for your workday.  It will definitely give you that much needed mental break. You can find “Brunch Drunk” on your favorite music platform. All the links you are ever going to need are down below. While you are there check out our full interview and inspired recipe with Hasting & Co. on our Feed the Band series.

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