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“Over Him” the powerful new song from JessLee

There are some people that come across extremely strong and there are others that are all heart. Rarely do you find these two personal traits dominate in the same person. JessLee is one person where these two traits reside in complete form. You might think JessLee’s time as a bodybuilder is the strength I am making a reference to. That is such a small part of it. Anything external starts from the inside. JessLee is both tough and willing to put her heart out there at the same time.

That brings us to “Over Him” her latest and in my opinion her greatest song to date. This song highlights JessLee’s strength as an artist. “Over Him” showcases her powerful vocals and her ability to use them to tell a story. Jesslee blends her range with the tempo of the music for a song that is fun to listen to. Both the power and range of JessLee’s voice did an outstanding job selling this story.

As for the story JessLee is pulling from personal experience. I think it is safe to say that it is not just her story, but to anyone who holds on to a bad relationship.  I think this song is an anthem to those very people. Sometimes you need someone in your corner to remind you that your life can and should be better. I think JessLee and “Over Him” are up for this very task.

I really have enjoyed this song from JessLee. “Over Him” shows her strength and heart in full form. This is a song you need on your playlist. I pray JessLee keeps writing more songs like this. We alway make it easy for you. Down below you can find your favorite music source.  Click on it and check out “Over Him” the new single from JessLee. Want to learn more about her? Down below you can also check out our full interview and featured recipe. Thanks for dropping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time.

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