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“Rich Kids” the Small Town Hit from Taylor Goyette

I believe there are amazing lessons growing up blue collared in a small town. You learn that family will always be there even when the money is not. You learn how to change your own tire and fix what’s broken. You have the space to make mistakes and learn from them. There are so many things my town taught me that will never be written in a text book. So when Taylor Goyette comes out with a song about this life you take a few minutes to turn the radio up and celebrate.

“Rich Kids” is a small town anthem. It’s a reflection of what people in these places have and less of what they don’t.  Sometimes having less is more. That is exactly what Taylor Goyette’s new single “Rich Kids” is all about.I think we all should take time to appreciate what we have.

“Rich Kids” deserves a spot on your playlist. We alway make it easy for you. Down below you will find all the links you need. Take a break from Christmas music and celebrate your small town.

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Taylor Goyette Rich Kids Cover

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