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Andrea Vasquez Sets a High Bar with “Used To”

Have you ever waited on someone to rise to the potential you know that they are capable of? I’m not a father, but lately, I now know what my dad went through when I tried to pursue a goal. The best part of my job is watching people grow. I enjoy hearing about readers attempting a recipe for the first time and sharing their stories about how they made that recipe their own. Then there is the artist. I get a front-row seat to their music career, and many have become close personal friends. I get to see what they are fully capable of, sometimes before they do. I first met Andrea Vasquez a little over a year ago. Back then, she was impressive. Now, with the release of “Used To”, her talent is undeniable.

I know I’m giving Andrea a colossal compliment, and it’s not fluff. She deserves every bit of it. That said, I have personally struggled with her type of country music. It’s not a personal attack at all; I’m simply not a fan of pop-country. It’s my taste, and you may feel completely different. With that said, Andrea Vasquez is one of the most talented people I know, and I maintained hope that one day she would gut-punch this party of one. Today is that day.

I first gave “Used To” a listen at a local coffee shop turned office. Just a few seconds of music and Andrea singing, “When did you stop loving me” I wanted to jump out of my seat and pump my fist like someone hitting a scratch-off. Trying to maintain my composer in public, it all went to my face. Honest to God, the barista thought I was fixing to have a seizure. After reassuring her I was ok, I removed the earbuds from my ears, and we started listening to “Used To” together. Then the shop began to get quiet. As I looked around, everyone was trying to listen in. That’s when I knew I was not the only one who thought this song was GREAT.

“Used To” is the most country I have ever heard Andrea Vasquez sound. The song is heartbreaking and big. What do I mean by big? “Used To” is not for your dad’s honky-tonk. Instead, it would feel right at home in the largest stadium money can buy. Letting my mind wander for a bit, I can see a blacked-out stadium with one lone spotlight focused on Andrea. In many ways, Andrea’s latest single has a Reba McEntire feel all over it. Is that a bad thing? I can’t possibly come up with any reason why Andrea Vasquez would not want a career filled with stadium shows spanning decades.

"Used To" Andrea Vasquez

“Used To” is as good as country songs get, and Andrea Vasquez is now on my list of artists who get me excited about the direction of contemporary country music. So, if you haven’t stopped reading my jibber-jabber to add “Used To” to your playlist, now is the time to do just that. All the links you need are below. Thank you for stopping by the Luncheonette. We have a plethora of new music and recipes on the way.

"Used To" Andrea Vasquez Post Photo

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