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Laine Lonero Puts Her Foot Down on Heartbreak with “Broke”

Heartbreak can be demoralizing. That’s a fact that many of you reading this know from your own life experience. However, guys and gals feel quite differently about the subject and what it takes to become heartbroken. As a guy, often it’s hard for me to understand the female perspective on things even after interviewing countless female artists. But, some songs lay a particular message out so that it even penetrates a thick skull like mine. Today that song is “Broke” by country music artist Laine Lonero.

Laine Lonero is a familiar name here at Southern Fellow. In fact, over the past few years, she has become a close friend and someone I rely on for insight and perspective. However, without seeking it through normal channels, Laine has delivered some wisdom through her latest single, “Broke”.

Yes, she looks sweet, but Laine rarely sugarcoats things. It’s one of the things I admire about her. I’ve had many female artists turn themselves into pretzels trying to fit the mold they think I want to land an interview. With her latest track, Laine puts her food down for women everywhere.

There is something innate in men at the start of a relationship that makes us feel like we will always have more choices in partners. Because of this, we don’t always think about what is emotionally best for us or the relationship we are currently in. “Broke” is Laine Lonero’s way of saying that this Neanderthal way of being needs to stop and that she has little use for a man who can’t be the least bit emotionally responsible from the start. Honestly, in my head, I can hear her saying, “Grow up before you dial me up!” That is not a direct quote, but I promise the sentiment holds up.

Each side brings something to the relationship and wants appreciation for their contributions. To be dismissed without any regard for that fact hurts. To me, “Broke” is a wake-up call for both sides. Guys, we need to be more emotionally present and show appreciation for the relationships we have. It will lead to better things. Laine and I are a case in point. We are not in a romantic relationship, but it would crush me not to have the relationship we have today. This goes for many of the relationships I have developed over the past four years.

As for you ladies, become an ass-kicker like Laine. Figure out what you want from your partner. If he’s not providing it, boot his butt out the door. A little loneliness is better than a broken heart. If he loves you, he will respect you for being able to stand on your own two feet. Plus, guys like to think we are always needed. Take that away, and it will we will lose our minds.


I pick on Laine regularly, but not today. I think “Broke” is one of her best releases yet. It’s powerful, polished, and positively her. It seems like, after every release, our relationship and the respect we have for each other grows a little more. I also think you can have a similar connection with Laine Lonero. You can start by reading her full interview, trying the Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Dip she inspired, and following her on your favorite social media platform

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