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Jessie G and Gretchen Wilson Rock Into 2024 with “Like My Whiskey”

Are you ready to start pumping your fists and raising a little Cain? Jessie G and Gretchen Wilson recently released a duet titled “Like My Whiskey”. Normally, I would steer clear of such a song for fear that a guy’s perspective would not be well received. However, I couldn’t resist this one. So why now? Well, it’s pretty simple. I love the new single from Jessie G and Gretchen Wilson, even though it makes me slightly uncomfortable doing so. This song is an anthem to strong, confident women everywhere who crave the sound of late 90’s country music. That said, there is a lot for us guys too.

When it comes to country music, I want a deep storyline. Yet, there are songs I’ve accepted into the genre that were a bit more rock and roll. Many songs from the early 90s fall into this subgenre. Yet, looking back, it wasn’t until “Redneck Woman” debuted in 2004 that I added a female artist to the list. Gretchen Wilson’s brashness had women everywhere raising their glasses. It took us boys a moment to wrap our heads around it, but after some head-scratching, we were out on the dance floor. Fast forward to 2019, Jessie G was added to that list with the help of a mutual friend, Melanie Meriney.

I was pretty young, but I remember when Garth Brooks released the video for “The Thunder Rolls”. At the time, I didn’t know why the video was controversial. It wasn’t until years later I learned the reason why. A woman shooting a liar and cheat was taboo to the extreme in 1991. Controversial or not, songs like this started a movement. You can disagree with me, but I believe Garth Brooks and a few other male artists helped remove some of the social sting that hit society when female artists started challenging the status quo in the late 90s.

Regardless of how far we have come, radio today still does not treat women equally. They only get 11% of radio play, and outside of Taylor Swift, the media is less enthusiastic about their successes and more focused on their failures when compared to their male counterparts. Jessie G and Gretchen Wilson had to work twice, maybe up to five times as hard to get their music in front of you. As someone who works with a plethora of female artists, I see this with my own eyes every day.

So what makes “Like My Whiskey” a worthy addition to your playlist? Well, for starters, it punches ‘the man” right in the nose. Women of today are not the televised 50s housewives of yesterday that society still tries to box them into. For the weaker men whose heads exploded at that thought, go cry it out in your mom’s basement. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind a little whiskey and some company to go along with it, “Like My Whiskey” might be the catalyst you need to raise a little hell and have a foot-stompin’ good time.

"Like My Whiskey" Offical Music Video


Regardless of gender, if you have enough grit to be comfortable in your own skin, I strongly recommend you check out the latest single from Jessie G and Gretchen Wilson. You can find “Like My Whiskey” in the links below. While you are listening, be sure to check out all we have to offer here at Southern Fellow. Also, join the family by subscribing. You might see these ladies on our Feed the Band series or at one of our upcoming shows

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