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Molly Lovette and Andrea Vasquez Bring a Fist-Pumping Good Time With “Everybody’s His Type”

What happens when two of your favorite women in music whom you have known for years get together for a song? Well, speaking from experience, you start to worry. When I first heard that Molly Lovette and Andrea Vasquez were working on new music, my mind recalled every conversation we had. I began praying I wasn’t the ammunition they needed to fire off a new song together. Luckily, I am not the target. That said, Molly and Andrea are putting boys everywhere in their sights with “Everybody’s His Type”.

When a female anthem gets released, I get a bit nervous. However, this time around, I feel the need to start fist-pumping with the ladies. Why? Well, If you know me, you know I hate “I love him, but he doesn’t love me” storylines. “Everybody’s His Type” is far from idolizing men who can’t commit to anything meaningful. Molly and Andrea are empowering women of all ages in a fun, refreshing way.

I am not going to lie and say I have never “played the field.” However, it’s child’s play, something you do when your level of maturity is not at a place where a healthy relationship can develop, or honestly, even a meaningful friendship. As amusing as “Everybody’s His Type” is, it hits an important point. Ladies, you don’t have to put up with immature boys. In fact, can you blame us guys if you go along with it?

Molly Lovette and Andrea Vasquez are not taking the bait and encouraging you to do the same. As a guy, I should not love this song as much as I do, but “Everybody’s His Type” is pretty fun, if I am being honest. The track stands on it’s own. However, the personalities of these two women shine through with each lyric and makes the song much more meaningful to me.

"Everybody's His Type from Andrea Vasquez and Molly Lovette

Let’s face it! Your playlist needs something new. “Everybody’s His Type” is just that song. This collaboration between Molly Lovette and Andrea Vasquez, is something I want to see more of. As always, we made it easy for you. All the links you need are below. I would also strongly suggest you hit the follow button so you be the first to hear new music from these ladies.

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"Everyone's His Type" Molly Lovette and Andrea Vasquez

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