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"Romance Me" The New Single From Aubrey Wollett

If you have been in the Southern Fellow for any length of time you have heard about Aubrey Wollett. There is good reasoning behind that. Aubrey makes simple, good music. Not only does she make good music, but her heart is pure gold. Good music and people is what we celebrate here at Southern Fellow and Aubrey Wollett fits right in. So when we heard “Romance Me” it gave us one more reason to celebrate Aubrey’s music.

“Romance Me” is just a realistically fun love song. It is smooth and the guitar pops make it feel like you are sitting in the sun with a glass of champagne in your hand watching each bubble float to the top and pop. One thing that I personally like about Aubrey Wollett is her playful, relaxed use of lyrics. “Romance Me” is filled with flirty lyrics that are honest to regular, everyday couples. To me, that just makes for good music.

Let’s get you to update that playlist. We even made it easy for you. Down below we have all the links you need to get your hands on “Romance Me”. We also included a link to our full interview with Aubrey Wollett. There you can find a recipe inspired by her. Thanks for stopping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time.


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