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“Thick Thighs” the honest new single from Priscilla Block

Sometimes things happen for a reason. I recently went on a short rant during one of our IGTV videos about how I wished more female country artists would make music about laughing at life. Well a few short days later Priscilla Block released “Thick Thighs”. Lord did Ms. Priscilla answer my prayers.

This is so much fun to listen to. It is so brutally honest. I myself knowing Priscilla, can’t imagine anyone else but her singing it. She pushes honesty to a whole new level and in today’s world that is hard to find. There is a certain amount of bravery one has to look at life in the face and laugh. Priscilla Block is a woman that has it. We all try to fit in a box. However for many of us we are a little too round for that box and that is OK. That truly is what “Thick Thighs” is about.

If you want to celebrate you, than “Thick Thighs” really needs to be on your playlist. This song and it’s honest approach to life makes it an instant classic. If you want to get your hand on “Thick Thighs” and all of Priscilla Block’s music scroll down. We have all the links you will need. Thanks for dropping by The Luncheonette. We will see you next time!

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